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Hravocesta is a continuation of a natural narrative from the book Hravouka, this time with questions and a board game on the back cover.

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Anyone who knows how great it’s outside just can’t sit at home with books. And not even with those interesting about nature!
The mouse used to read a lot. But from the moment she began to explore the surroundings of her burrow, observe beetles, and write everything down in her own encyclopedia, there was no time to read. And when she planned to visit her aunts in the city for the summer she packed a key to identify the plants, a travel diary, cut a pencil and set off.

And what did she write and draw in her diary? Routes of migratory birds, shapes of branched alder roots in a creek, commas for each shooting star. But also the grief of the garbage she found in the nature or the dirty water in the creek.
So who sits down in the chair with the mouse’s travel diary and who prefers to rip out only a few pages with instructions for assembling a water treatment plant or casting animal tracks, stuff them in their pockets and immediately explore this all out?

You can also find Hravouka on tablets and computers as an application to download at hravouka.cz. The application is available for phones and tablets (Android and iOS) and also for computers (Mac OS and Windows). But especially outside in nature!

If you would like to dedicate book to someone, please send me a note about the order.

  • 60 pages
  • czech language
  • 24 x 33, 5 cm
  • hard stitched binding, offset UV printing
  • for children from 4 to 10 years
  • graphic design and cover studio Toman Design
  • editorial staff Šárka Svobodná
  • ISBN 978-80-88360-09-4

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